Founder and Executive Director

Dr. Christina Hinton

Adjunct Lecturer on Education

Christina Hinton is the Founder and Executive Director of Research Schools International and a faculty member at Harvard GSE. Dr. Hinton is a neuroscientist and educator committed to bridging the gap between interdisciplinary research on learning and education practice. 


Director of Research

Catherine Glennon

Catherine Glennon is Director of Research at Research Schools International. Her primary motivation as a researcher is to connect research and practice in primary and secondary schools. Glennon’s research interests include musical development, growth mindset, global education, and care. She has been trained at Harvard GSE and Columbia University’s Teachers College.


Lead Researchers




Research Advisor Emeritus

Dr. Kurt Fischer

Charles Bigelow Research Professor of Education

Faculty Director, Mind, Brain, and Education Program

Kurt W. Fischer was the Charles Bigelow Research Professor of Education at Harvard GSE. He is the founding president of the International Mind, Brain, and Education Society and founding editor of the Mind, Brain, and Education journal. He is the author of a dozen books as well as over 200 scientific articles. 



Jim Heal

Jim is in the Doctorate of Education Leadership program at Harvard GSE His main motivation is to develop approaches to research that can serve as levers of improvement in school contexts. He is particularly interested in understanding how best to create democratic cultures in classrooms and schools, starting with pedagogy. Originally from the UK, he has spent the last ten years working there as a teacher, administrator, and researcher.


Arielle Jennings

Arielle Jennings graduated from Harvard GSE with a Master of Education in Human Development and Psychology.  Arielle's research interests include student-centered pedagogy, civic and moral development and youth voice. Her professional experience includes eight years of civic and global experiential education, curricular design, and teacher training in K-12 and higher education institutions.   


Bryan Mascio

Bryan graduated from the Mind, Brain, and Education program at Harvard GSE and is currently completing his doctoral degree there in Human Development and Education. His primary research focuses on the social-emotional-cognitive skills of teaching, and the development of those skills.  Other areas of interest and expertise include the development of survey scales, student and teacher social emotional learning, and the intersection of teacher professionalism and school improvement.  


Mallory Perry

Mallory Perry graduated with a Masters of Education from the Human Development and Psychology program at Harvard GSE. Following two years on the administrative team at a private Montessori school in Boston, Mallory joined RSI's team where her research has focused on student centered learning, Harkness and growth mindset.


Lauren Schiller

Lauren graduated from the Mind, Brain and Education program at Harvard GSE. She is currently working towards completing her Ph.D. in Cognitive Studies in Education at Columbia University.She is broadly interested in mathematics education for children with disabilities/difficulties in math. She is also interested in Universal Design for Learning and in utilizing lessons about the brain to empower children. 


Ashim Shanker

Ashim graduated with a Master’s degree in Education from the International Education Policy program at Harvard GSE in 2015. His research interests include global competence, civic education and social-emotional skills.His experience includes more than 14 years of classroom teaching in international education environments. Ash has also worked on research projects with UNICEF South Asia and Harvard GSE's Global Education Innovation Initiative.



Cyntia Barzelatto Jabbaz

Cyntia graduated from the Human Development and Psychology program at Harvard GSE in 2014. She is mainly interested in the promotion of social and emotional learning from early childhood in innovative spaces, in and beyond the classroom. Her research interests include self and social awareness, compassion development, mindfulness and other contemplative practices, love and romantic relationships and second language learning.


Rina Deshpande

Rina graduated from the Mind, Brain, and Education program at Harvard GSE in 2015. Her research interests are developing self awareness and self regulation through yoga and mindfulness practice. She writes a mindful living column for adults on and creates written, illustrated, and audio children's books.


Heather Francis

Heather graduated from the Mind, Brain and Education program at Harvard GSE in 2014. Her main research interests include language and literacy development. Specifically she is interested in intersection of language learning and reading disabilities. She is passionate about using educational neuroscience research to empower students, practitioners and parents.


Sally Hahn

Sally graduated from the International Education Policy program at Harvard GSE in 2015. Her research interests include understanding the long-term impacts of receiving a global education at the K-12 level, how to bring global education effectively into the local classroom, and the role of language in shaping the identity of multilingual speakers.


Christine Marisco

Christine graduated from Harvard GSE's International Education Policy program in 2015. She specializes in how global education can foster empathy, curiosity and a sense of social responsibility in students.


Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell, MA, EdM

Elisabeth graduated from the Mind, Brain and Education Program at Harvard GSE in 2013. As a researcher, artist, and educator, Elisabeth is passionate about supporting student learning and well-being across the lifespan. Her research interests include embodied cognition, mindfulness, active learning, and trauma resolution.


Laura Emiliana Rodríguez Morales

Emiliana graduated from the Mind, Brain and Education program at Harvard GSE 2014. Her interests include mindfulness in education, compassion, empathy and loving-kindness training and development.


Andrea Parker

Andrea is a graduate student at Harvard GSE. Her areas of expertise include international relations, second language acquisition, counseling immigrant families and students, and building students' global understanding through Model United Nations programs.


Sophie Turnbull

Sophie graduated from the Mind, Brain and Education program at Harvard GSE in 2014. She holds a bachelor's degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford and is completing a PhD in Psychology at the University of Sheffield, UK on the effects of emotional states on children's cognition. Her broader research interests encompass cognitive development, development of self-regulation, and positive education.


Siwen Wang

Siwen graduated from International Education Policy program at Harvard GSE in 2015. She is broadly interested in personalized education, global education, and e-learning.


Brianna Wilson

Brianna graduated with an Ed.M. in Mind, Brain, and Education from Harvard GSE in 2016.  Her research interests focus on teacher learning and the development of adaptive expertise, but also include mindfulness, motivation, and self-regulation. Her professional repertoire includes teaching, coaching, professional development, improvement science and design based research. 


Qianru Yang

Qianru (Tiffany) Yang is currently undertaking a master's degree in Harvard GSE. Her research interests include global education, the development of stereotypes, and children's social cognitive development.